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Wafer Mounter RAD-2510F/8 (200㎜ Fully-Automatic Wafer Mounter)

  1. 1.High Throughput

    High throughput was realized through the optimization of the transfer units.
    ※20% increase in UPH compared to the conventional model. (These values are comparisons when 8 inch wafers are used. The official throughput will differ depending on the laminating and peeling parameters.)

  2. 2.Reduction of Tape Consumption

    Tape pitch can be further decreased through the use of the new dicing tape in-line pre-cutting system, leading to a reduction in tape consumption.
    ※Tape pitch comparison (in-line pre-cutting method): conventional model=10mm → new model=2mm. 

  3. 3.Thin/Warped Wafer Compatibility

    Can handle wafers with a thickness of 50µm. The attachment table is installed with a warpage correction mechanism, and can handle wafers with a warpage of up to 5mm.
    ※≤5mm when the pattern side is on top, ≤3mm when the pattern side is on the bottom
    ※These values were measured using an 8 inch wafer

  4. 4.Built in Vision System Decreases the Machine Footprint

    The vision system is not a separate unit, but is integrated internally to the machine, leading to a 25% decrease in footprint compared to the conventional model.

  5. 5.Improvement of ESD Performance

    Can achieve an electrostatic charge of less than ±100V in the wafer and work area within 10 seconds of operating.
    Option: Can achieve an electrostatic charge of less than ±50V immediately after operating.
    ※The indicated values are measured values and not intended for guarantee use.


  • Double loader/unloader
  • Dicing Tape In-Line Pre-Cutting
  • Attachment Table Heater
  • Vision System
    (Wafer ID Reader & Barcode Attachment System)
  • WBL Specification (Wafer Box Loader)
  • Host Communication Function (Communication Format: Conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: Conforms to GEM))
  • ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) countermeasures etc

Suitable Tapes

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