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LC Tape Laminator RAD-3600F/12 (300mm Fully-Automatic LC Tape Laminator)

  1. 1.LC Tape laminator

    This is an optimal system realized to meet the property of the backside coating tape (LC Tape), which is used in Flip Chip packaging.

  2. 2.High-precision tape lamination attained

    By applying Lintec's unique lamination mechanism, high-precision tape lamination without voids has been achieved.

  3. 3.Internal tape pre-cutting mechanism

    The internal tape pre-cutting mechanism cuts the tape to wafer size prior to lamination, preventing potential wafer edge damage caused by the cutter after lamination.


  • Host communication function
    communication format: conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: conforms to GEM
  • Double cassette loading
  • Wafer ID reader

Suitable Tapes

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