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BG Tape P series (Non-UV type BG Tape)

P series
  1. 1. Fully protects the wafer surface during back grinding and prevents wafer surface contamination from infiltration of grinding fluid and/or debris.
  2. 2. There is virtually no residual adhesive after tape is peeled off.
  3. 3. For cases in which slight contamination remains because of wafer surface configuration, the line-up includes a type that can be removed by cleaning with pure water.
    Additionally, there is no danger of contamination from cleaning fluids because there are no water-soluble ingredients of light molecular weight in the adhesive.
  4. 4. High precision tape thickness accuracy ensures precision wafer thickness after back grinding.

Product Information

Back Grinding
  • Standard
    (thickness: >75µm)
  • Thin Grinding
    (thickness: >50µm)

Suitable Equipment

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