Equipment Support Information Adwill RAD series

LINTEC has established support policy for our RAD series in order to facilitate our spec information management and to strengthen our support capability. Please find an introduction of support policy below, and we would like your kind understanding on operation of the policy with Control Number (C/N) for effective maintenance and service support.

Support Policy

Applicable systems

Adwill RAD series

*Systems purchased through third parties or as used are excluded.

Support period 7 years from C/N change or from model discontinuation
In productionIn production DiscontinuedDiscontinued Support periodSupport period End of supportEnd of support
C/N A designation to track system spec changes that are related to support capability
Location Name plate
Implementation date From July 1, 2016

*Please be reminded that there may be cases that LINTEC is not able to provide service support even within the support period, depending on business environment at that time and external factors that are outside of LINTEC’s control.
*Please contact your local LINTEC representatives for inquiries.

RAD series production & support status

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