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BG Tape Laminator RAD-3520F/12 (300mm Fully-Automatic BG Tape Laminator)


We have now improved the performance of the top-selling model “RAD-3510F/12” and have developed the “RAD-3520F/12,” which offers better performance and a smaller footprint.

  1. 1. Double load ports are standard
  2. 2. FOUP opener with wafer mapping function is available as standard feature
  3. 3. Approximately 30% smaller footprint compared to conventional models
  4. 4. Achieves a high productivity of 70 wafers/hour
    Additionally achieves a maximum of 100 wafers/hour with the high speed spec option.
  5. 5. Improves wafer processing volume per roll of tape a maximum of 16%
    *When the tape is a 100m roll and the wafer size is 300 mm (12 inch) in diameter
  6. 6. A wide variety of optional functions are installable
    ESD countermeasures, various cleaning functions, automatic cutter exchange etc.
  7. 7. CE/KC marking, SEMI S2/S8 compliant


  • Various cleaning functions
  • Automatic cutter exchange function
  • ESD (Electro-Static Discharge)
    countermeasures etc
  • Host communication function
    communication format: conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: conforms to GEM

Suitable Tapes

Operation Process

  1. A.Wafer Loading, Scanning, and Unloading

    Detection occurs by scanning wafers inside the cassette for transport. Based on these results, wafers are retrieved by a multi-axis robotic arm and transported to the alignment section.

  2. B.Wafer Alignment

    Taking V-notch or OF (Orientation Flat) as standard, the wafer's outer circumference is centered and the wafer is transported to the mounting table.

  3. C.BG Tape Lamination

    Back grinding tape is laminated by a press roller (roll-to-roll method). Low-tension lamination is realized with the latest TTC system.

  4. D.Tape Cutting

    Through the control of three-dimensional movement (x, y, θ), the tape is cut by moving the cutter knife along the wafer's outer circumference.

  5. E.Residual Tape Processing

    The residual tape left after cutting is wound up into a roll.

  6. F.Wafer Storage

    The wafer is unloaded by robotic arm into a cassette.

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