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Dicing Tape D series (UV Curable Dicing Tape)

D series

Adwill D series is an epoch-making line of UV curable dicing tapes whose features can be changed in accordance with operational process. The tape's strong adhesion secures wafers during dicing, and then is reduced by UV irradiation to facilitate pick-up. This dicing tape is essential for full-cut dicing of wafers to improve die quality, and fully applicable to dies of multiple sizes.

  1. 1. Secures wafers with strong initial adhesion to ensure dicing without any slipping or peeling even for small dies
  2. 2. Supports instant control of adhesion by UV irradiation, allowing large dies to be picked up easily
  3. 3. Causes no contamination by metal ions or by adhesive residue on the wafer backside surface, and no adverse UV irradiation effects on IC chips
  4. 4. We have a variety of products to meet customers' process and application.
  5. 5.Supports the adhesive coating process environment that meets Class 100 (ANSI 209b) standards

Product Information

Si Wafer (Base Material: PVC, PO)
  • High Expandability
  • Anti-chipping
  • Easy Pick Up
  • Antistatic
  • High Adhesion
Glass / Ceramics (Base Mateial: PET, PO)
  • Standard
Package Substrate (Base Material: PO)
  • Standard
  • Antistatic
Full Cut Laser Dicing (Base Material: Special)
  • Standard
Stealth Dicing (Base Material: PVC, PO)
  • Expand Singulation
  • Antistatic
  • Antistatic & Expand Singulation
    & Through Tape Dicing
Wafer with LC Tape (Base Material: PO)
  • Standard
TAIKO Wafer (Base Material: PVC, PO)
  • Standard
LED Process (Base Material: PVC, PO)
  • Standard

Suitable Equipment

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