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BG Tape Remover RAD-3010F/12 (300mm Fully-Automatic BG Tape Remover)

  1. 1.Ideal tape peeling

    An ideal 180-degree peeling technique is used when peeling back grinding tape from the wafer. The technique minimizes stress to the wafer while the tape is peeled, allowing the equipment to process thin wafers.

  2. 2.Elimination of damage to wafer circuit surface

    Peeling tape is thermo-compression bonded to the back grinding tape within 3mm from the wafer's periphery. This greatly reduces residual adhesive as well as damage to the wafer circuit surface usually caused by peeling tape lamination.

  3. 3.Outstanding cost performance

    Peeling tape consumption does not vary with wafer size making for economical operation. Moreover, the peeling tape is of the thermo-compression type, ensuring secure lamination regardless of the presence of silicon dust on the back grinding tape.

  4. 4.Automatic control of UV intensity and quantity of light

    The equipment's built-in sensor provides feedback control to maintain constant UV intensity and quantity of light. This means a uniform level of UV intensity throughout the lamp's service life, ensuring stable tape peeling even when using UV curable back grinding tape.


  • Host communication function
    communication format: conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: conforms to GEM
  • Barcode reader for selecting recipes

Suitable Tapes

Operation Process

  1. A.Wafer Loading, Scanning, and Unloading

    Wafer scan sensor automatically detects the wafer storage conditions. A robotic arm with three-axis control transfers the wafer to the UV irradiation unit.

  2. B.UV Irradiation

    UV is uniformly irradiated on the wafer in the chamber, and transferred to the alignment unit by alignment conveyor.

  3. C.Wafer Alignment

    The wafer is aligned with reference to the orientation flat or V-notch, and then set by transfer arm onto the peeling table.

  4. D.BG Tape Peeling

    Thermo-compression peeling tape is bonded by heat plate within 3mm from the wafer's periphery, and the back grinding tape is peeled from the wafer at a 180-degree angle.

  5. E.Wafer Storage

    The peeling back grinding tape and the peeling tape are placed into a dust box and the wafer is unloaded into a cassette by robotic arm.

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