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Wafer Mounter RAD-2500m/12 (300mm Semi-Automatic Wafer Mounter)

  1. 1.Semi-automatic mounting system for pre-cut tape

    This equipment allows easy operation using pre-cut tapes. By simply set the wafer and frame, dicing tape mounting is automatically processed.

  2. 2.Safety ensured for manual process

    Since this equipment has no cutter, the operation is extremely safe. Elimination of the tape cutting process substantially increases efficiency.

  3. 3.TTC* system for accurate tape application

    The equipment's TTC system enables tape application with tape tension control, prevents air voids, and provides ideal tension for back-end process.
    *TTC (Tape Tension Control) System : The TTC is a cutting-edge system, in which a microcomputer controls tape tension. It enables the tape to be laminated according to the tape type and back-end processing conditions. On the fully-automatic type, it can be set and registered with the equipment's touch screen.

  4. 4.Reduced footprint and high performance

    This equipment achieves high performance with the reduced footprint. It allows effective use of workspace and increases work efficiency.
    *Can also be used for special mounting of package substrates (special specification).


  • Static eliminator
  • Top cover
  • Wafer positioning pins

Suitable Tapes

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