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Dicing Tape G series (Non-UV type Dicing Tape)

G series

The Adwill G series is a line of removable dicing tapes. With this type of tape, adhesive strength remains stable after wafer mounting. Using a film with superb flexibility and expansion characteristics, the tape also has outstanding expandability. It can be used with dies of multiple sizes, and is outstanding in terms of cost performance. Moreover, it can be used in an adhesive coating process environment that meets Class 100 (ANSI 209b) standards, and can be readily applied in fabrication processes.

Product Information

Si Wafer (Base Material: PVC, PO)
  • For Small Die
  • Antistatic
  • For Large Die, Easy Pick Up
  • Excellent Visibility
    and Evenness
Full Cut Laser Dicing (Base Material: Special)
  • Standard
LED Process (Base Material: PVC, PO)
  • Standard

Suitable Equipment

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