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Wafer Mounter RAD-2512F/12 (Fully-Automatic Vacuum Mounter)

  1. 1.Equipped with pre-cut tape vacuum mounting function

    High-precision wafer mounting is achieved for wafers with specially shaped backside that makes difficult to mount with the roller method.

  2. 2.Performs tape mounting without contact with wafer surface

    By using our unique wafer holding table, wafer mounting is performed without contact with the wafer surface.

  3. 3.Adopts backside non-contact wafer handling mechanism

    By adopting the non-contact wafer backside handling method, contamination caused by contact is eliminated for wafers with specially formed backside used in the manufacturing processes of power devices and TSV.


  • Host communication function
    communication format: conforms to SECS-I and HSMS/Software: conforms to GEM
  • Vision system
  • Dicing tape
    in-line pre-cutting
  • 300mm capability

Suitable Tapes

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